Research & Development

AI & Machine Learning

Working with the University of Essex, we are utilising image transformation and pattern recognition techniques to enable us to use AI and machine learning within the inspection data processing stage. This will lead to a significant reduction in the level of human intervention and increase the speed of inspection report turn around

Embedded Systems and Robotics

Using embedded computing onboard the UAV, we are developing intelligence in the way our UAVs operate and collect data. We are also exploring the use of ground station edge computing in the identification, measurement and categorisation of defects in real-time

Inspection sensor research

To ensure we are abreast of the latest and most suitable sensor technology for the Solar PV inspection industry, we conduct regular lab based and infield sensor testing to understand how each performs in ‘real world’ conditions

Data analytics

Having grown a large and credible data set of over 5 million solar modules inspected across 120 solar assets and spanning 24 module manufacturers, we are utilising data analytics to identify patterns and trends which will provide valuable insights to our clients and the wider solar market