Above Surveying has developed an unrivalled reputation internationally for exceptional quality and service.

Our professional CAA certified pilots and approved international partners regularly conduct aerial surveys of Solar PV systems across the United Kingdom and overseas. Working closely with our team of analysts to deliver detailed reports to clients internationally.

Assets Inspected
MW Inspected
Modules Checked
Anomalies Found

Fast and discreet. No client supervision required to carry out service.

Use of waypoint GPS tracking gives accurate, repeatable and consistent surveying.

Our patented inspection methodology enables a precise and scientific approach to defect categorisation.

Normal visible spectrum imagery taken alongside the thermal images.

Full survey analysis and report detailing each defective panel provided.

Permanent record of the health of your solar asset at a given point in time.

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Thermographic Inspection

Above surveying pilots capture thermographic and HD video of your solar asset. Our highly skilled analysts use this thermographic imagery to identify temperature differentials across your solar asset. A damaged panel or cell within a solar panel will show a temperature differential compared to the surrounding solar panels or cells. Using thermographic technology mounted on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), it is possible to accurately record these anomalies across vast areas of solar panels.


Why Thermography?

Your typical solar PV monitoring system will provide accurate plant performance information down to the string level. Our bespoke thermographic reporting service goes beyond this providing you with the full picture. Our aerial thermographic survey enables us to identify subtle changes to your solar asset right down to the cell level and across your entire plant. The survey report will give you and your key stakeholders a comprehensive visual image of the solar asset health, enabling you to act promptly and directly to resolve defects and ensure optimum performance.


Above surveying ensure that the layout of your solar asset is accurately georeferenced before any aerial work begins. Using our own custom software to create the GPS waypoint controlled flight route for your specific solar asset. This part of the process is key to ensuring that our Solar Gain service delivers high quality and accurate results.


We use the very latest in thermographic and photographic imaging technology as well as market leading UAV platforms. This allows us to capture the highest levels of image resolution and data accuracy. Real time irradiance data is logged throughout the entire inspection process using our bespoke patented G.A.P technology to enhance the value of the imagery collected and assist in the analysis phase.


Our skilled analysts carry out post inspection data processing to accurately locate each identifiable anomaly, each anomaly is cross referenced with visual imagery and ambient data. This process utilises specialist software to assess the nature and significance of the anomaly as well as ensure the accuracy, consistency and data integrity throughout.


A comprehensive SolarGain asset health report is produced showing each identified anomaly, together with the captured geo-referenced imagery and associated data. This data rich report is delivered via our own portal and is accessible through any internet connected device. Features of the SolarGain reporting portal include a dashboard, zoom-able map, filtering, anomaly mark-up and csv export, enabling you to gain true value from the inspection results.

Module defects cause power loss and will worsen over time. Our experience shows that asset managers are unaware of the amount of defects that lie undetected in their solar farms.
Our SolarGain service will protect your investment.

Will Hitchcock, Managing Director at Above Surveying

Hot spots are rarely stable and will usually intensify until total failure of the panel performance – Let us find them so you can fix them.’