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Above establishes partnership with PV Guider to serve the growing Taiwanese solar market

Above are delighted to announce a partnership with PV Guider, an experienced technical consultancy company based in Taiwan. The companies will integrate advanced solar plant inspections, module testing, and intelligent software to create solar plant management solutions for the solar industry. The collaboration brings Above’s innovative aerial solar plant inspection and data analytics solutions to the Taiwanese solar market, creating value for customers by enhancing solar plant production.

Jay Lin, Chief Consultant, PVGuider – “Above provides a very good tool and platform to help us processing tens of thousands of thermal images taken in the IR inspection. It allows us to concentrate on the diagnosis and analysis of the PV plant issues, therefore provide higher value for the plant owners.”

Above’s aerial thermographic and HD inspection solution can detect module anomalies that result in performance issues. Above’s digital inspection reports present customers with actionable insights into the solar plant’s health. The company’s SolarGain Pro software is designed for the solar industry and empowers users to get the most value from their solar plant test and inspection data. Above has developed a solar plant digital twin to store all component information, creating a digital thread for each component’s data.

PV Guider is a leading technical consulting provider for PV plants and equipment. Their extensive experience in solar photovoltaic research, production, and installation enables them to provide solutions for each stage of the solar lifecycle. PV Guider assists its customers in managing the quality of solar PV plants and modules and reduces risk. The company offers a range of solutions from factory due-diligence testing, PV modules pre-shipment inspections, quality control, on-site solar plant inspections, electroluminescence inspection, and technical advice for the diagnosis and improvement of PV plants. 

Peregrine Fraser, CCO of Above – “PV Guider are long-standing experts with an excellent reputation in the solar industry, so we are pleased that we can combine with them to bring a comprehensive set of solutions to customers across the entire plant lifecycle”.


About Above 

In 2016 Above pioneered the use of aerial inspection techniques in utility-scale solar and catalysed an industry. It then went on to introduce the concept of the digital twin to address the challenges of managing larger solar assets and portfolios. Above is now at the forefront of a digital revolution within the rapidly growing solar industry.

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About PV Guider 

PV Guider Consultancy was established in 2011, and it has helped considerable plant owners secure their investments by offering quality control services from planning to maintenance phases. PV Guider also participates in research projects like IEA Task 13 for ‘Performance, Operation & Reliability of PV Systems’, where it develops and integrates the cutting edge technologies for PV plant inspections. With a long experience in the field and advanced knowledge in research, PV Guider is always providing the most effective solutions for the quality assurance of PV plants.

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