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Above welcomes intern David Marsat from the Strasbourg National Institute of Applied Sciences

David Marsat is an engineering student at the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Strasbourg, France.

Specialising in climate and energy engineering, David is looking for a career that will allow him to apply his

knowledge of HVAC systems as a way to support the large-scale intervention to counteract global heating.

David will be joining the Above team for 6 weeks as part of his sandwich year to learn more about solar

inspections and analytics. The Above team have a wealth of solar PV knowledge to share with David and

are excited to provide him with the opportunity to learn more about the solar industry.


During David’s stay, he will spend time within each area of the company from operations to software development.

His journey will start with our operations team, assisting with planning processes such as risk assessments and

flight plans. In the following two weeks, David will undergo the training of a data analyst. The training will

include how to identify and classify thermal anomalies using our custom analytics software. In his fifth week,

David will join our research associate Nick to explore the world of machine learning and automation.

David will assist Nick in the training of his neural network, utilising methods such as data labelling and

image registration. During this week David will also spend time with our Technical Consultant Kenan,

giving David the opportunity to ask technical questions and explore how the anomalies that we identify

can affect a solar farm’s overall power yield. David’s final week with Above will be with the technical

development team, he will follow fascinating projects associated with the SolarGain Inspection Hub

and take part in a series of innovation meetings.


David presenting to the Above team

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