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Our new high-resolution inspections are here!

High-resolution asset inspection service

We have been working on an end-to-end service and user-friendly software tool to record and present high-resolution visual data taken from an aerial inspection. Here is an inside look of what to expect and the benefits of comparing this data with inspection data you may have already collected.

Eyes on the ground from above

Using drones fitted with the latest high definition cameras, we fly very close to the modules, capturing high-quality video of your entire asset. The data we collect provides you with a visual record of the health of your asset and enables you to baseline any substantial visual anomalies (delamination, severe corrosion, snail trails and more).


Anytime, anywhere!

The SolarGain Player allows you to view the inspection video directly within the SolarGain platform. Use this tool to zoom in and spot visual anomalies, switch to negative mode, take screen captures and attach images to the relevant module on your Solargain site map. The video and images are forever part of the digital history of each module, rather than another excel or pdf report.  A quick, easy and practical way of minimising the costs and maximising the value of your high-resolution inspection.

One step further

Above’s SaaS platform, SolarGain, integrates data from multiple sources into a unified program – including Thermal inspections, High-Resolution inspections, Eyesite mobile app inspections and other third-party testing activities such as I-V curves and EL images. Seamlessly access, share, filter and compare inspection reports, data and imagery. Utilise the platform’s powerful tools to transform your data into actionable insights. SolarGain maintains a lasting record of your existing assets and works alongside you as your portfolio expands.

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