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How accurate is your current PR calculation?

How accurate is your current PR calculation? The PR calculation of a typical solar plant underpins many commercial and contractual arrangements and decision making. For most solar plants, the PR is based on a calculated ‘Absolute Annual Energy Yield’ or ‘Reference Yield’ value. This value is normally derived through modelling the plant location, configuration and components in software such as PV Syst. Within this model, the parameter with the largest Loss Factor is normally shading (external, near and self-shading), which can be as high as 7%. The shading model is typically based on a design layout (pre-build) and theoretical external and near shading estimates. Therefore it has the highest Uncertainty Factor within the model. Using Above’s new solar plant 3D modelling service, it is possible to produce a highly accurate ‘real world’ 3D model of your solar plant which can feed into your modelling to increase the accuracy of your ‘Reference Yield’ and thus the Performance Ratio. Find out how in our ‘Introduction to 3D Aerial Modelling’ below.

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