Aerial Construction Monitoring 

We are transforming solar park construction projects with drone-powered machine learning and computer vision systems. Visualise your plant using a high-resolution 2D model, which radically improves the way we oversee solar site construction. Aerial construction monitoring tracks project progress providing a level of information and the degree of accuracy that is impossible using people on the ground.




Advantages of Above’s solution

Reduce the need for site visits
Above creates a digital model of the whole site, with every pixel accurately located.
Monitor construction progress
Digitally track your project’s progress and compliance with scheduled payment milestones. Ensure high-quality construction work and reduce the need for site visits.
Extreme data accuracy
Gain the most accurate view of your construction project at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional ground surveying methods.
Improve Coordination
Verify that on-site construction progress matches pre-construction designs. Identify, track and manage change orders that arise during construction.
Plan for the future
Store a visual and spatial record of each stage of the solar construction project for future technical due diligence and asset transfers.

Keep projects on schedule, report progress, manage logistics

An exceptionally accurate and detailed digital model of the site, to enable you to communicate construction progress to teams and stakeholders.

Compare pre-construction designs to accurate site imagery

Ensure your project is built according to the designs by comparing actual site images with the pre-construction design overlaid. Detect and correct changes onsite to ensure accuracy in the future and perfect as-built drawings.

Analyse your progress and deliver data-rich progress reports

Specialist software allows you to analyse progress against milestones using accurately located site imagery. Enhance your project status reports with a dynamic and interactive view of the progress of your entire site.

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