Construction monitoring

Our construction monitoring solution enables you to manage your project effectively by saving you time and cutting down on costs. Aerial imagery presents you with a site overview allowing you to track progress, highlight safety and security issues and monitor stock levels. This gives your team the ability to identify issues which may be missed at a ground level, improving logistics and planning at all stages of construction.



This solution enables you to:

Identify and resolve issues on the ground using aerial imagery to make well-informed decisions
Deliver accurate and informative project status reports using real-time aerial data
Track your construction progress in line with the project scope, budget and schedule
Maintain site visibility giving you a wider insight into project performance, allowing you to effectively manage labour and stock resources

High-resolution orthomosaic image

An exceptionally accurate and detailed top-down image of your entire site, with key areas presented in close-up views. Geo-located imagery allows you to accurately measure distances and stock-pile volumes.

Component progress report

A detailed one-page progress report showing the development of infrastructure work such as trenching, cabling, piles, frames, buildings and modules.