High-Resolution Visual Inspection

High-resolution drone inspections enable your team to get a complete, up-close and real-time view of the asset from anywhere in the world. This innovation allows you to accurately identify visual anomalies such as delamination and snail trails that heavily impact asset performance.


Drone hovering over solar panels

This solution enables you to:

Maintain asset visibility
Gain a comprehensive inspection of your solar plant in real-time to ensure optimum asset performance
Pinpoint visual anomalies
Identify visual anomalies such as delamination and Snail Trails from geo-located high-resolution video capture
Target onsite issues
Improve overall maintenance and operations by targeting key resources directly to onsite issues that need attention
SolarPlayer Tool
Utilise the SolarPlayer tool to accurately identify and record visual anomalies to an accurate site map
Minimise time, cost and risk
Work more time-efficiently and cost-effectively whilst meeting increasingly complex health, safety and environmental requirements

High-quality data capture

Our high-resolution inspection captures accurate data by maintaining a flight height of 10-15 metres. The high-resolution camera is used at a maximum speed of two metres per second allowing the camera to record fine details. The visual data is geo-referenced with the drone’s position, allowing you to identify module anomalies and record them in their exact location.

Agile video playback tool designed

for solar inspection data

The SolarPlayer tool allows you to view your inspection data, identify visual anomalies and map their location within SolarGain. Providing your team with an interactive inspection and testing data platform to interrogate data.

SolarPlayer features

Zoom tool
The ability to zoom in and out of the video footage to get a closer view of visual anomalies
Snapshot tool
Identify anomalies and record them to the asset map using the snapshot tool
Playback speed tool
Accelerate and decelerate video footage
Viewing modes
Apply negative and greyscale viewing modes to easily identify anomalies such as snail trails

SolarPlayer Map view 

SolarPlayer is synchronised with the ‘Map View’ of your site within SolarGain, allowing you to accurately record anomalies to their exact site location.

This enables you to:

• Follow the drone’s location in SolarPlayer in real-time on the map view
• Accurately record and locate anomalies within the map view
• Edit the location of the recorded anomalies
• Assign your anomaly to a new or existing module within the SolarGain digital twin




Future-proofing your assets

Above have developed an innovative solution to visually inspect 100% of your solar plant’s modules.

Find out how Above is capturing the true visual state of each module to chart the rate of degradation.

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