Thermographic Inspection

An effective solution for detecting thermal anomalies in Solar PV modules down to a cellular level. This is a cost-effective and time-efficient method of inspecting large-scale PV plants and roof-mounted PV systems. All inspection data is captured, analysed and compiled into a comprehensive asset health report that enables all interested parties to gain a better understanding of their assets and maximise returns on asset investment.


This solution enables you to:

Lasting asset record
Gain a better understanding of how your asset is performing by carrying out annual aerial thermographic inspections. SolarGain health reports offer a comprehensive view of asset performance over the asset's lifetime.
Standardise inspection data
Standardise inspection data to meet best practice guidelines across your portfolio. The latest dual-camera technology allows us to record cellular level thermal and visual anomalies in line with IEC standards and best practice guidelines.
Supporting evidence
Provide accurate data and detailed asset health reports that support asset warranty claims and technical due diligence assessments
Pinpoint anomalies
Identify component and module issues to the electrical and geo-spatial hierarchy of the asset
SolarGain inspection report
Improve overall maintenance and operations by targeting key resources directly to onsite issues. Your inspection results are delivered through our cloud-based platform SolarGain, allowing you to interact with and share your reports in real-time.
Accurate results
Our patented G.A.P sensor device is fitted to all drone platform, this enables a precise scientific approach to data collection

High-Quality data capture

Thermographic inspections deliver IEC compliant thermal and visual image capture of your solar asset to a cellular level. Each anomaly is recorded using the latest dual-camera technology and our patented G.A.P sensor device to measure the irradiance and GPS location in tandem with visual data capture.

Site overview imagery

An overview of your asset is captured in both RGB and thermal imagery, this allows you to identify trends and patterns across your asset.

Aerial presentation imagery

With every inspection, we carry out we capture a high-level image of the site that can be used in marketing collateral and as a way to identify the asset.

SolarGain Reports

We deliver your inspection reports through our bespoke platform, SolarGain. This full inspection report details each identified anomaly alongside its temperature parameters, irradiance data, GPS location data and categorisation.

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