Thermographic and High-Definition Inspection

Above pioneered the use of aerial thermography in the solar industry and is still the industry leader today.  We are known for our attention to detail and can detect thermal anomalies in solar PV modules down to a cellular level. Above’s thermographic and high-definition inspection is both a cost-effective and time-efficient solution to detect potential performance issues. Above holds patents that ensure our inspections give accurate and high-quality results. Our reporting platform SolarGain displays the inspection results through analytics dashboards, and interactive geo-spatial map, and a filterable anomaly list.


Advantages of Above's Thermographic & HD Inspection

Build an accurate baseline
Regular inspections empower you to analyse and compare performance results over the asset's lifetime and across your entire portfolio.
Standardise your data
Aerial imagery performed up to IEC standards and best practice guidelines across your solar portfolio.
Support warranty claims
Start building a digital thread of historical data to help you understand the module failure rate. Having access to high-quality historical data can lead to a more successful warranty claim in the future.

The highest-quality thermal data

Above can capture an IEC-compliant thermal image of every module down to a cellular level.  Our patented normalisation methodology enables us to collect the most accurate data available. Quality assurance is carried out by a level 1 thermographer to ISO 18436 standards whilst working with ISO 9001:2015 processes.

High-definition visual imagery

Above collects high-definition imagery at the same time as thermal data collection for accurate and reliable visual root cause identification.

Bespoke platform for solar plant data

SolarGain inspection reports are packed with data-rich information that gives you the ability to act on testing and inspection data. Collect, analyse, and visualise your inspection data all in one place. Prioritise your work by determining which assets are most critical to the overall health of your portfolio and understand the true status of each asset.

Compare historic inspection data

Compare multiple inspection reports within a series of data visualisations. Understand the evolution of each module’s state and identify trends and correlations in your thermal data.

Interactive, real-time punch lists

Build targeted anomaly punch lists from your latest Thermographic and HD Inspection report. Easily share tailored data sets with third-parties. Track the status of each anomaly’s resolution progress, allowing field teams to resolve anomalies and add root causes in the field.

Advanced power loss estimations

Designed in collaboration with leading EU research centre C.R.E.S.T, this tool uniquely demonstrates the combined impact of module thermal anomalies on your solar plant. Using your electrical system design we provide an instant estimation of the yield and revenue loss associated with module thermal anomalies.

SolarGain Report Features

Portfolio Dashboard
View Reports On Mobile
Electrically and Spatially Mapped Data
Advanced Anomaly Filtering
Define Root Cause
Anomaly Resolution Status

 SolarGain Pro

Our customer platform SolarGain is an industry-leading platform that delivers intelligent aerial inspection reports. SolarGain Pro is a subscription tier that fits within your current software ecosystem and holds your inspection and test data within a true digital model of your asset.


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