Topographic mapping

Obtain a collection of precise models of your solar asset, with a range of valuable applications, using the Aerial 3D Modelling solution from Above. To our knowledge, they offer the most accurate spatial representation of your solar asset that is available, anywhere. These deliverables provide your engineering and analytics team with the data to objectively assess a variety of features of your solar farm.



Precise 'as-built' CAD
A revised ‘as-built’ CAD of the site, with all elements in their true geographical locations, to an extremely high level of accuracy and precision.
Accurate modelling
The precise geometry of the site is captured in the form of a 3D Dense Cloud. This is then classified (e.g. surface, trees, buildings, PV tables) so that each of the types of object can be treated in an optimal way.
Save time and money
Aerial mapping offers a rich data set for the creation of highly accurate and detailed 3D models, captured in a fraction of the time.
Monitor your asset
Store a 3D snapshot of your asset at scale and with extreme precision.

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