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Introducing EyeSite Reports

Putting your data in your hands

Above is pleased to introduce EyeSite Reports, a mobile tool created to streamline the solar site inspection process. Put an end to wet paper and illegible handwriting. SolarGain inspections are now mobile, view and edit your data within the EyeSite app in the field. Create a streamlined workflow that saves you time and money and provides more accurate results that are easily accessible.

How does it work?

View your data on the map

View your inspection data on a map of your solar plant. Quickly and easily find the modules that need further testing using accurate GPS locations.

Filter inspection results

Filter your inspection data to focus on resolving one issue at a time. Use the solar plant map to direct you to the next anomaly.

Real-time updates

Publish real-time decisions such as anomaly resolved and root cause assignments. EyeSite Reports allows your team to make decisions in the field.

Richer data collection

Take pictures in the field, make notes, resolve issues and document follow up actions.

SolarGain Cloud

Follow up inspection data is recorded to the thermal anomaly in SolarGain providing you with easy access to further inspection data.

How to get started

First, download the EyeSite app from the Apple app store or Google play store. Second, log in using your existing SolarGain account. Third, start using your thermal inspection data out in the field today.

Learn more about EyeSite by clicking here.

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