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Above introduces a mobile tool to accurately record component serial numbers at scale to a digital platform

SolarScan is a new must-have mobile tool for solar EPC companies and asset owners to record component serial numbers accurately and efficiently on a large scale. 

Generally, serial numbers are captured with dedicated scanning hardware and stored in huge Excel files, PDF documents and other legacy systems. The much-loved spreadsheet is convenient and easy to create. Operators invent complex naming and indexing systems to represent the geospatial location of the component in the serial number lists. Leaving solar plant operatives recording serial numbers having to memorise a site walking plan compatible with the naming system so that the serial numbers are collected in ‘the right order’. The downfall of these systems and spreadsheets is that they have high error rates and once an error is found the entire dataset is dis-credited. 

A person cannot effectively use this excel or pdf data to manage the solar plant or investigate performance issues when separated from other relevant data sources.

Fortunately, Above has created an innovative automated solution for collecting and transferring serial numbers to the exact component in a dynamic digital twin of your solar plant. Moving from paper and spreadsheets to mobile apps and digital solar plant software is a seamless transition that will add instant value. 

So how does it work?

SolarScan is an easy-to-use mobile tool that captures and records component serial numbers efficiently and accurately. With EyeSite SolarScan, technicians can scan a component serial number and upload data instantly to Above’s SolarGain platform using a mobile or tablet. Above’s SolarGain Platform automatically ingests and intelligently links the serial number to the component’s digital twin. This means that the identity of every component is accurately mapped within Above’s interactive SolarGain platform.

SolarGain can visualise component inspection and test data from multiple sources, providing a comprehensive view of component health from the air and the ground. The possibilities of using a digital interactive platform to store, view and compare component data across your solar portfolio are endless.

What are the advantages of SolarScan? 

SolarScan speeds up the collection of high-volume serial number data and provides everyone with the ability to capture component serial numbers. Remove the reliance on specialist hardware and software. The mobile app allows users to capture and upload 1000s of component serial numbers per day into the digital solar plant. 

You can achieve accurate and reliable record-keeping with component serial numbers electrically and spatially mapped to the component’s digital twin.

By implementing Above’s approach to storing and visualising component serial numbers you can easily link component testing and inspection data with the serial number in the plant’s digital twin. Creating the opportunity to compare component inspection data with serial numbers to deliver better, faster insights into individual component health. 

Some examples of such data are:

  • RISO data
  • Thermographic data
  • Visual image data 
  • IV Curve data 

If you are interested in Above’s digital solutions and want to build a single repository for all your solar plant data? Get in touch here.

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