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Latest Releases April 2020

All solar systems go!

We have some exciting new announcements for you! This week we are sharing the latest release for our cloud-platform, SolarGain. This release has two new features that will help you use your thermographic inspection reports to get immediate results. Our EyeSite inspection app has also seen some changes, a new user interface has given the app a new look and feel.


Power loss Estimator

From now on your SolarGain thermographic reports will feature a power loss estimation based on the findings of your inspection. Above have been working with Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST) at Loughborough University to create the electrical model of your PV site and simulate the amount of power being lost based on the solar plant properties and thermographic inspection report data.

You will find the Power Loss Estimation at the top of your 2020 thermographic inspection report overview. (Have a look below)



Punch list builder

Easily create a list of actionable tasks from your latest SolarGain thermographic inspection report. Add thermal anomalies (or any other task you can think of) directly from the inspection list view to the punch list. Share the punch list [and maps] with your team or a third-party using the unique link or directly through the SolarGain platform. [You and your contractors can collaborate to close tasks by resolving on-site issues].  Once a task is complete, the associated anomaly will show as resolved within the thermographic inspection report helping you keep track of your field to office workflow.

The punch list tool is ready to use and can be found in your solar plant menu. (Have a look below)





New look for EyeSite

EyeSite allows anyone to create a ground-level inspection report of your solar asset, from combiner box terminations to module junction boxes.  Report items are associated with the infrastructure components of your site so they can be viewed on the site map and shared with contractors for collaboration and resolution.  This changes inspection reports from flat documents and spreadsheets into geolocated items that have an electrical context in your site.  Our ground-based inspection app EyeSite has received a sparkling new user interface. Expertly designed to improve the user experience, navigating through previous inspection details and creating new inspections has never been easier. Take a peek at the new look!


Above’s software releases are the result of continuous efforts being put in by the development team to add to the functionalities, user experience, as well as the look and feel of the platform. There are quite a few new features and enhancements to look forward to over the next year!


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