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Latest SolarGain Release July 2020

Thermographic inspections powered by intelligence. 

Our latest SolarGain release brings an exciting set of new features and enhancements. Say goodbye to Excel charts and visualise your inspection and testing data with SolarGain. Our SolarGain thermographic reports turn your complex thermal data into simple and actionable information. Take a look at what the amazing Above tech team have been developing.


Enhanced Power Loss Estimation – The solar industry’s most advanced model

This new tool has been designed and developed in collaboration with C.R.E.S.T at Loughborough University, a leading European academic group.  Our enhanced power loss estimation tool is customised to your solar site design, this means that our model is able to demonstrate the combined impact of module thermal anomalies on your solar system. Our tool instantly provides you with an estimation of the yield and revenue loss. Compare SolarGain Power Loss Estimation results with your string monitoring data and prioritise activities on the lowest-performing areas of the plant.


Survey Comparison

Compare multiple inspection reports within a series of data visualisations. Our intelligent tool connects the dots between your data releasing precious resource time to identify persistent and evolving thermal anomalies. Understand the evolution of each module’s state and identify trends and correlations in your thermal data.



Punch List enhancements

The Punch List tool now packs a greater punch. Users can set item status, view item history, view string information, attach photos and add multiple thermal anomalies at once. Punch Lists enable you to resolve thermal anomalies at a report level once the item is closed. The usability of the tool has been enhanced to be smart tablet friendly. SolarGain Punch Lists can be shared with third-party users as a web link, allowing anyone in your team to view the Punch List, add images and update the item status.

To learn more about this feature check out our April release


Digital Twin enhancements

SolarGain Pro users can now see a ‘performance tab’ within the Digital Twin. This tab is accessible if a string or module IV-curve has been uploaded. This additional feature allows you to import and compare aerial and ground-based module and string level data in one place.

To learn more about our Digital Twin have a look at the SolarGain Pro release page


Updated UI

We are gradually rolling out the new user interface design across all of our pages. The latest page to receive a fresh look is the solar farm dashboard, it brings added functionality and quick access to key features such as Digital Twin and Punch Lists.



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