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Solar secondary market – Don’t get caught out!

With over 4 years experience and more than 500 solar assets inspected, Above uses aerial thermography and 3D modelling to answer these questions and give you greater confidence when buying. Thermal surveys don’t only show module level issues, they expose cabling and inverter issues too, providing you with a quick, accurate and cost-effective solution to enable effective negotiation. Above can work directly with you or your appointed technical advisor, and can deliver high quality, detailed asset inspections to meet your transaction timescales. Get in touch to learn more about our aerial inspection solutions.



• Can you trust the PR data as a true indicator of asset performance?

• Are there degenerative or systemic issues with the modules that may cause future losses?

• How accurate are the ‘as built’ drawings and therefore the expected performance?

• How has the vegetation changed around the site? Has shading increased?



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