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SolarGain Pro latest release

Say hello to SolarGain Pro!

Over the past 2 months, the Above technical team has been hard at work to deliver the latest version of SolarGain. Our cloud-based inspection and testing data analysis software, SolarGain, increases productivity, improves decision making and optimises operational performance. This week we launched SolarGain Pro, a new subscription tier that fits within your current software ecosystem and holds your inspection and test data within a true digital model of your asset.

Above has been delivering aerial inspections for over four years, inspecting 600+ operational assets across 10 countries. During this time, we have built a wealth of knowledge and experience through our inspection data analysis. Led by our CEO Will Hitchcock, we have set industry standards and driven innovation in aerial inspections of utility-scale solar. Our latest innovation SolarGain Pro leverages the investment you are already making in testing and inspections and provides you with a ‘lens’ on the combined data not possible through any other means.


Digital Twin

SolarGain Pro delivers a true Digital Twin of your solar plant connecting the real and digital worlds. The cloud-based digital model not only understands the geospatial layout of your asset but the electrical architecture too — this allows you to easily identify cause and effect, monitor module health and correlate power loss down to a component level and across the entire asset infrastructure. SolarGain Pro enables you to upload all types of testing and monitoring data sources to track historical change, perform analysis and optimise asset health. SolarGain Pro is available to you for your entire portfolio or individual plants.


EyeSite mobile app

SolarGain Pro also includes our market-leading mobile app, EyeSite. EyeSite streamlines your field to office workflow and enables you to record your onsite inspections and remedial work in real-time with pinpoint accuracy to your digital twin. No longer reliant on the asset being visible on Google Maps, EyeSite brings the digital twin to your mobile phone or tablet. For onsite inspection work, Eyesite saves time, improves accuracy and enables real-time collaboration with your office-based colleagues.


Improved User Interface

Our new user interface is designed to make the platform more intuitive and accessible. The improved primary navigation provides simplified access to frequently used functions such as Portfolio Reports. SolarGain Home displays all of your sites in one view, finding a site has never been easier with the addition of the search tool. Portfolio Reports display the latest inspection data allowing you to filter by site, anomaly type and module manufacturer.


SolarGain Pro will be going live on the 6th of December 2019. If you would like to know more about SolarGain Pro get in touch via the website or your Above representative.

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