Above’s SaaS platform, SolarGain Inspection Hub, integrates data from multiple sources into a unified program – including Thermal inspections, High-Resolution inspections, Eyesite mobile app inspections and other third-party testing activities such as I-V curves and EL images. Seamlessly access, share, filter and compare inspection reports, data and imagery. Utilise the platform’s powerful tools to transform your data into actionable insights. Inspection Hub maintains a lasting record of your existing assets and works alongside you as your portfolio expands.


Data correlation
Inspection data correlation, enabling robust issue diagnosis as well as early identification of trends and potential future issues.
AI-driven Analytics
Faster and more accurate root cause analysis and diagnostics, saving resource time, improving efficiency and reducing response time to issues.
Mobile Devices
Accessible across desktop and mobile devices, increasing flexibility and usage of inspection data when on site and in the office.
Fast Access to data
Quicker access to inspection data, saving resource time and reducing the risk of losing valuable data.
Recorded Asset State
Single source of the truth, asset history and baseline, providing known state reference point.
Irrefutable Data
Speeds up and enables more effective component warranty claiming.


Portfolio health
View your assets overall site health, further breakdowns by anomaly type and temperature analysis.
Compare reports
Compare inspection reports across your portfolio and against SolarGain averages.
Report overview
An overview of the findings from your asset inspection.
Maintenance tracking
Track maintenance reports and anomaly root cause assignments.
Filter anomaly tool
All reported anomalies are categorised, allowing you to filter results in many ways.
Infrastructure hierarchy
SolarGain understands the electrical and geographical layout of your asset.
SolarGain's modern interface places emphasis on accessible data
Traditionally reports were static, we changed this to enable our users to make more informed decisions. Seamlessly move from consuming to augmenting, utilising the list view and map view.
List View
A compact view of your inspection results, filter, locate and resolve anomalies.
Map View
A geographical view of your inspection results, explore patterns by filtering anomalies.

EyeSite Inspection App

EyeSite is a convenient smart device app that allows you to record your onsite inspection and remedial work in real time. EyeSite is integrated with the SolarGain Inspection Hub, meaning the information that you record can be viewed later at your desk. The EyeSite app is compatible with both iOS and Android smart devices.

Document and record visual inspections
Capture geo-tagged images
Annotate images
Categorise inspection data
Store images to a precise module location
Serial number tracking
Integrated with SolarGain Inspection Hub