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Eliminate paperwork and optimise solar plant site visits using your smart device. Digitalising inspection work saves time, improves accuracy and enables real-time collaboration.
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EyeSite Inspections

A purpose-built smart application that empowers your team to conduct site inspections using a mobile or tablet. Above’s EyeSite Inspections tool accelerates ground-based data collection and processing times by systematically capturing, collating and storing inspection data within your SolarGain platform.

Benefits of EyeSite Inspections
Capture and store historic data to a geo-spatial solar plant map
Accelerate on-site inspection times with solar-ready categories
Easily share data and collaborate with colleagues
Select solar-ready categories
Easily select the category for the component or area you are inspecting
Attach a photo
Use your device’s camera to attach a photo of the inspection item
Electronic signatures
Validate inspections using electronic signatures and timestamps to complete inspections
Geo-locate inspection data
Localise inspection data easily to your SolarGain inspection map
Select a rating
Rate the condition of the inspection item using your own number rating system
Serial number tracking
Capture and record component serial numbers

EyeSite Reports

Solar plant technicians can view SolarGain inspection reports on-site using a smart device. Integrated with SolarGain the tool allows your team to view, edit and update module inspection reports from the field.

Benefits of EyeSite Reports
Effortlessly view your inspection data on the map
Record and track the anomaly resolution process
React more quickly to on-site issues identified from initial inspections
Make faster, smarter decisions about your assets
Your data on the map

Using the map view, you can see exactly where the potential issue is located and find the most optimal inspection route.

Filter inspection results

Filter your inspection data to focus on resolving one type of issue at a time.

Make decisions in the field

Publish real-time decisions such as anomaly resolved and root cause assignments.

Richer data collection

Take pictures in the field, make notes, resolve issues or document further inspection work that has been carried out.

EyeSite SolarScan

SolarScan captures and records component serial numbers efficiently and accurately to a digital twin of your solar plant. An automated way of capturing and storing component serial numbers using any smart device.

Benefits of EyeSite Reports
Faster data capture
Data stored accurately
Automated data import
EyeSite is integrated with SolarGain

EyeSite automatically generates an inspection report within SolarGain saving your time and energy. Easily review visual inspection data to assess the information captured and prioritise your next steps. Create punch list tasks instantly from your inspection report to carry out further remedial work. Update the status of an anomaly from the inspection list.

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