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Above and SecondSol partner to address component obsolescence challenges

Above and SecondSol have announced a partnership to address the growing component obsolescence and waste problem the solar industry is facing with ageing assets.

Above has integrated the industry-leading solar PV marketplace, SecondSol, into its solar plant inspection platform, SolarGain. Designed for solar, the SolarGain cloud-based platform delivers the tools and insights needed to manage solar PV plants down to the module. The platform allows owners and operators to overcome their biggest challenges, from module-level condition monitoring to providing evidence for warranty claims and repowering decisions.

Solar PV technology is advancing faster than ever, making modules cheaper and more efficient. This rapid technological development has resulted in PV modules becoming obsolete within a few years of production, creating a big challenge for solar plant managers and O&Ms that need replacement modules. This phenomenon is often leading to partial repowering to cannibalise areas of a plant for spares stock.

„It’s clear from our view across the growing solar industry that component obsolescence and waste is becoming a big challenge the industry needs to address. Through our digital twin software, we can help our customers identify and resolve module-level issues, regularly leading to module replacement. Partnering up with SecondSol was an obvious pairing“ Will Hitchcock, CEO of Above

SecondSol’s marketplace offers solar plant operators an efficient way of sourcing and selling solar PV products. SecondSol offers both historical new modules and used panels from repowering and revamping projects. Knowing the modules electrical and physical properties is vital when it comes to replacement. Integrating the SecondSol marketplace gives users instant access to a directory of earlier module variants.

„The search for the right product is always a time-consuming affair for asset owners and O&M providers. Thanks to the cooperation with Above, manufacturers and dealers are now directly connected to a PV plant for the first time. This digitalisation will optimise processes on both sides and save valuable time and costs. It also enables completely new sales channels for SecondSol users.“ Stefan Wippich, CEO of SecondSol

The powerful combination of Above’s advanced inspection and analytics platform with SecondSols‘ PV marketplaces will support the solar industry with the challenges it faces. Above and SecondSol have partnered to provide the solar sector with essential spare parts, keeping ageing assets producing clean energy and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Take a look at the SecondSol Solar PV Marketplace by clicking here 


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