Transforming solar plant data into actionable information
SolarGain is designed especially for solar plants, utilising machine learning technology to produce detailed and accurate plant health reports.
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SolarGain reporting platform

Data-driven asset management

Seamlessly access, share, filter and compare multiple inspection reports. Utilise SolarGain’s data analytics tools to transform your data into actionable insights. SolarGain maintains a lasting record of your existing plants and works alongside you as your portfolio expands.

Advantages of SolarGain

Data correlation

Identify inspection data correlation, enabling robust issue diagnosis and early identification of trends and future issues.

Single source of the truth

Visibility into solar plant health, asset history and plant baseline providing a known state reference point.

Warranty claim ready

Speeds up and enables more effective component warranty claiming.
Features of SolarGain reports

Portfolio Health Report

View asset health at a module, site and portfolio level.

Geospatial and Electrical Awareness

View data within an interactive geospatial plant representation that understands the electrical layout of the plant.

Filterable Results

Discover module health insights through filtering and sorting accurately categorised data.

Root Cause

Enhance solar plant maintenance strategies by defining root causes such as soiling or vegetation shading.

Resolution status

Keep track of further module inspection and repair work with resolution status updates.

360° module management

The centre for solar data

SolarGain Pro

This solar platform stores all solar plant inspection and testing data in one place. SolarGain Pro is scalable alongside your portfolio and offers a better way to share and store valuable asset information. SolarGain supports the future automation of data analysis and AI forecasting.

Advantages of SolarGain Pro

Scalable to your portfolio

Your entire portfolio of assets within one cloud platform

Portfolio wide plant visibility

All of your solar plant data and information in one place

Accurate benchmark

An accurate benchmark of asset health on a large scale

Improved production

Better prioritisation of activities on a growing portfolio

Lower maintenance costs

Trend analysis of failure modes identified across your portfolio
Solar plants generate vast amounts of data

SolarGain digital twin is an accurate model of your solar plant that understands both the geospatial and the electrical layout of the plant. Digital Twin technology allows you to identify cause and effect, monitor module health and correlate power loss down to a component level and across the entire asset infrastructure.

Start building your Solar plant's digital thread
How it works

Import past and present data for all site components and start building a digital thread for the future. Upload multiple types of testing and inspection data to track historical change, perform analysis and optimise asset health.

Eyesite Inspection App

Our mobile app EyeSite streamlines your field-to-office workflow. Empower your team to capture detailed, geo-located plant inspections and upload them directly to the solar plant digital twin. EyeSite images are associated with individual plant components such as modules and inverter stations.

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